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Thứ Ba, 22 tháng 2, 2022

Phở Networks A modern framework for your next social-enabled app

Phở Networks provides a whiteboard-friendly way to create social applications. Using our open-source Gapp Designer tool, in just a few touches, you can create the backend for the next Facebook, that's designed to handle thousands of users concurrently.

Best of all, Phở is open-source and MIT license'd.


To get started, you must have PHP 7.2+, Redis, and Neo4J installed on your platform. Just download the pho-cli PHAR file and move it to your /usr/local/bin or an equivalent.

Getting Started

[ Starting a Project ]   [ Editing Schema Files ]   [ Building & Preparing to Launch ]   [ Playing with the Project ]   [ Serving the APIs ]

Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 10, 2014

Hand Powered Minipresso

Hand Powered Minipresso
The workplace of is filled with employees that are powered by warm brews of coffee throughout the day. in order to get their fix, they escape, just for a couple minutes, to the nearest shop around the corner or walk down the thin pathways between cubicles towards the break room. Wacaco has developed a hanf-powered portable ‘minipresso’, a device that helps you prepare shots with the quality of a traditional machine.